Krypta Analytics (previously known as Krypta Analytica ) is a subsidy of Krypta Records Management Pvt. Ltd.

Krypta Records Management is a 10 year old enterprise providing business outsourcing solutions to telecommunication companies in India, and cold storage solutions to global brands.

Krypta Analytics a subsidy launched in Q4 ,2017, provide consulting, design strategy and information technology solutions along with our partner’s, LYDtech.

LYD technologies since 2001  is a full scale software R&D company, an IT Infrastructure service provider. They offers comprehensive software R&D and implementation services  to businesses and  startups.


About Krypta Analytics

As an KPO and technology consulting outsourcing service providers, we present ourselves as  your ideal  partner for your growth story.
Krypta Analytics is collaborative research, technology, software, and outsourcing company. Krypta Analytics builds Next- generation business ideas into reality”.

Krypta Analytics is a place of many diverse minds including researchers, engineers, artist, developers, consultants and leaders with collective diverse domain experience of 30+ years. We are passionately driving business success by Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Payments, Fintech, AR/VR consultancy solutions.

Startups Ecosystem Solutions help create an ecosystem and helps Startups building their Ideas into the possible product. Rapid Prototyping and developing Minimal Viable Product to test the market with other value-add services for growth.

Our Emerging Technology KPO solutions for Next Age technology will provide clarity and insights to the world of tomorrow to Industries and Business.

We build Digital Confidence by providing integrated digital solutions from brand identity, digital footprint ecosystem building to consulting new ways of doing business.

“Uniting technology to building tomorrow; today, now”.s

Blockchain Solutions
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with our  Technology Partner  LYDtech

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We provide simple insights that will shape your tomorrow, today, now.