Insights into the use cases of Blockchain in shared mobility.

Blockchain in shared mobility

Blockchain technology blockchain uniquely qualified to solve autonomous shared mobility infrastructure problem.   

The availability of this information within blockchain DLT;

1 . Infrastructure sharing.

2. Collective digital service record.

3.  Carsharing, leasing and vehicle financing.

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Blockchain and infrastructure sharing in future mobility

Report Summary

Blockchain technology can help bring in absolute information and fractional ownership into the mobility sector.

Similar to the internet, blockchain technology is sector-agnostic. Blockchain is a toolkit. 

Blockchain technology can help bring in infrastructure sharing, absolute information and fractional ownership in any sector.

However, similar to how internet applications differ from healthcare to automotive, blockchain’s innovation principles are expressed differently as well.

When solving our future of shared mobility challenges, Blockchain technology is uniquely positioned to solving it.

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“The rapid changes in the automotive and mobility sectors present many problems which benefit from the unique strengths of blockchain.
Alex Smout from InMotion Ventures 

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