Customized research

360 dgree view analysis and scanning of  an organization’s  top strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for any product /services . 

Sample Report

This presentation details insights into the asset management outlook of USA, the gaps/opportunities to capitalize.

 Conducting each and every level of your research 

SWOT  analysis describes a framework signifying key micro and macro-economic factors, exploring key markets and trends which is a 360 degree view scanning of your domain Industry/sector understanding market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations. 

  • > Market Strategy
  • > Market demand and appeal
  • > Market entrance (Go to market strategy)
  • > Signifying the opportunities
  • > Analyzing the scenario and case studies
  • Which help us development  the strategic frameworks of the target market.

Developmenting a strategic frameworks to boost up the performance of your business.

Market entrance strategy

  • Life cycle of a product
  • Current world position of the service
  • The strategy for fixing the price
  • Regulatory strategic compliance
  • Signify the target customers

Target market insights

  • Best channels for maximizing the sales
  • Evaluating the threats and weaknesses
  • Analyzing the industry value chain
  • Analysis of the customer demand
  • Analysis of the customer segmentation

Competitive market intelligence

  • Competitive company profile
  • SWOT, Porter’s analysis & PESTEL
  • Merging, acquisition & partnerships
  • Benchmark industries
  • Due diligence

Market Analysis

  • Segmentation of the market
  • Shaping and defining the market
  • Delivering market forecast
  • Provision of the strategic recommendation
  • Analyzing the market potentiality

Business insights

  • Analysis of the B2B survey
  • Analyzing the relevant patents
  • Delivering R&D landscape
  • Delivering technology view
  • Providing mega trends

Vendor management

  • Strategic recommendation
  • Earning opportunities utilization
  • Identifying of the vendors
  • Benchmark vendors
  • Due diligence of the potential distributors

Leverage Krypta Analytics services to accelerate growth.

Product Strategy and validation

Competitive landscaping and whitespaces

Identifying potential markets for expansion

Packaging and pricing strategy

Positioning and Storytelling

Understanding the consumer behavior

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Corporate Strategy

Competitive/Market Research

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