Technology Solutions

Krypta Analytics provide solutions along with our partner’s, LYDtech.

LYDtech Technology solutions comes with new trend programming to Open source capabilities and helping Small to Enterprise level organizations through technology solutions. We enable software and apps for New Digital Era of 21st century Business.

Developing technology capabilities to boost up the performance of your business.

Next Gen Business Apps

Business operations simplified by delivering small apps for organizations.

Technology Capabilities & Software

Open-Source framework and platform deliveries. Latest Web 2.0 framework implementations

Product Engineering

Help you launch Software Products faster. We offer complete platform and product development services.

Smart Digital Enterprise

Next generations business process automation. Collaborations and Digital Enterprise solutions

IT services & Outsourcing

Customized software development. Developing ERP solutions and outsourcing services

Startup & New Business Development

Consulting services for building new business models.Risk and cost reductions mechanism for modern enterprises.

Leverage Krypta Analytics services to accelerate growth.

Product Strategy and validation

Competitive landscaping and whitespaces

Identifying potential markets for expansion

Packaging and pricing strategy

Positioning and Storytelling

Understanding the consumer behavior

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We provide simple insights that will shape your tomorrow, today, now.

Corporate Strategy

Competitive/Market Research

CRM & Interactive designs

Branding & Creatives